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“3D Printing: The Next Industrial Revolution?” Forum at RiAus, Adelaide

DFEEST, Intel Labs, RiAus and Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT) presented a forum and technical workshop about 3D printing on Feb 20th 2012 at RiAus in Adelaide. Speakers from Ponoko, Intel, UniSA and many more examined the impact … Continue reading

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Preparing for SheppArton Festival

In preparation for SheppArton Festival we have decided to print our own luggage tags as well as other specific items for the event. This leads us to some rather technical problems of working out scale and ensuring the meshes are … Continue reading

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From conception to reality – how to 3D print.

The actual software process of 3D printing is relatively simple, so I have decided to show a very basic flow chart of how you can create an object. 

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Gearing down for the holidays

With all the shifting and moving it seems our 3D printer has loosened up to just the right point to start printing at the lowest layer/highest resolution

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Trying to fit a 3D Printer into office dynamics

You might be forgiven to be thinking this is about the way 3D printers seems to have this mesmorising effect which can stop any astute worker in their tracks to watch the little motors and pulleys work away. However, there … Continue reading

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Syn Ack – Sequence engaging

As our Thing-O-Matic¬†comes closer to home, we have been putting together some preliminary considerations. While apparently it is possible to print using a 3D printer without having a computer directly attached, such as through the Make interface. However, for the … Continue reading

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