3D Printed Artworks

ANAT will use these pages to document all the artistic projects using 3D printing techniques that we can find; both for reference and for inspiration.  We are sure there are many more creative projects out there using these technologies – we’d love to hear from you if you know of any that should be included.
Here are some we’ve found so far (in no particular order):


Theo Jansen on Shapeways: Theo Jansen, Netherlands.  Small scale version of Dutch kinetic artist’s “Strandbeests” (huge sculptures/machines that “walk” along the beach powered by the wind) are available for sale via Shapeways.


 L’Artisan Electronique: Unfold with Tim Knapen, Belgium. A virtual pottery wheel which utilizes a 3d scanner and digital software to generate works of art which are then printed out in clay using a Rapman 3D printer.


3D printed artwork by Luke Jerram

Tohoku Earthquake Sculpture: Luke Jerram, UK. A sculpture made to co ntemplate the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. To create the sculpture a  seismogram of the earthquake was  rotated using CAD and then printed in 3D. The artwork represents 9 minutes of the earthquake.


3D printed artwork by Claire Oliver

Reconstructed Reliquaries: Claire Oliver, New York.  A series of sculptures using rapid prototyping techniques, showing everyday objects formed by words.


3D printed artwork Entoform by macouno

Entoforms: macouno, Netherlands. “Life, grown in the computer, printed in 3D, collected by macouno”.  Entoforms are limited issue collectable art prints inspired by insects, available for sale on www.entoforms.com.


3D printed artwork Hybride Male by Catharina van de Ven

Hybride Male: Catharina van de Ven, Netherlands. Project made with Rhino software. Materialised in 3D print in black and white. Biggest size is printed in sandstone and spray painted in black metallic.


3dcube by Neri OxmanCube Sculpture: Neri Oxman, US.  A sculpture produced in collaboration with MIT materials science professor Craig Carter that  powerfully demonstrates the possibilities of 3-D printing. 


Makerbot printer Makerboting and Art: Youtube clip from Makerbot TV. Hear about painter Micah Ganske’s MakerBot-made sculptures and see how 3D animator Takeshi Murata is MakerBoting a 3D zoetrope.

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