Generative Design 3D Printed Earrings (a homage to Twitter!)

Generative design 3D printed earrings

Generative design 3D printed earrings from One Just One

Just received these super cute earrings from Shapeways – tiny but delightful!  They were created by community-based design company One Just One using generative design.

Generative design is a technique that allows multiple variations of an object to be created, while retaining the object’s core functionality.  Or more simply put, if the object is a cup, its appearance can be changed, but it will still be able to function as a cup.  The technique allows for truly unique one-off designs to be created.

Us Makerblog folk are big fans of generative design and we highly recommend you check out the One Just One shop on Shapeways to see the potential for this exciting technology. Each item for sale is unique – once it is sold, it is removed from the shop.

One Just One help designers who are passionate about design and technology to create works of value based on generative design and 3D printing.

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