We’re dreaming of a White Plastic Christmas

The first printed snowflake of the festive season.  We’re hoping it will be joined by many more. 

We’ve used the snowflake pattern on Thingiverse :: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:12034  There’s two versions of the snowflake pattern.  We’ve printed two sections that slot together, but there’s another pattern for a flat snowflake, if you want your 3d printing to be slightly less 3d.

The snowflake pattern makes quite a melodious sound when printed on our Makerbot. (Apparently the noise and pitch of each machine is different – this is because each printer is ‘custom built’ by its owner.) The soft, melodic hum of MakerBot printing gets stuck in your head – and might be the perfect tune to replace the incessant jangle of Christmas Carols that greet us as soon as we step outside the office…

printing of snowflakes

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