Warped cubes, re-calibration and successful printing!

Our first attempts at making stuff with our ToM were somewhat unsuccessful – see some of our warped test cubes below!

Warped cubes

Warped cubes

cube printing video

However thanks to David Chan’s expert advice and some support from the online Makerbot community we soon realised that this is a common problem for new ToMs, caused by a combination of limitations of the automated build platform and some calibration issues.

We were lucky enough to enlist the help of ‘Bot maestro Pix from Hackerspace Adelaide to help us with the re-calibration.  Kimika also dropped by to lend a hand (thanks both!), and by the end of a long evening’s work, we’d created our first successful object, a pink whistle:

Makerbot whistle

Our first successful creation!

The whistle is fully functional, as demonstrated by Kimika:

Whistle Video

Now we’re ready for some serious creating!

first successful printed objects.

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