The MakerBot Replicator™

Makerbot "The Replicator"

We at ANAT are very excited to see that Makerbot Industries have just released a new improved desktop 3D printer, the MakerBot Replicator™.  We are also gutted that it wasn’t available when we placed our own Makerbot order, just two short months ago (although we love our office Thing-o-Matic!).  The speed that these technologies are developing at really is incredible.

The MakerBot Replicator™ has two extruders, allowing for two-colour printing, as well as a much larger print area (approximately the size of a loaf of bread, according to Makerbot Industries).  Basically most of the features that full priced, commercial printers have, except at a fraction of the price.  The Replicator also comes fully assembled, so no more need for marathon assembly sessions.

We can only imagine the artistic possibilities from a machine that allows printing in two colours at the same time, as well as the option of using more than one material in a print.  Now we’ll just have to work out a scheme to get our hands on one…

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